I just upgraded an alpha (UP1000) from 4-stable to 5.0-current
(sources from 4am EDT Aug 29th).

When booting, I'm innundated by:
swapinfo: cannot read *swapblist: 
swapinfo: cannot read blmeta_t: 
swapinfo: cannot read blmeta_t: 

This also affects top, pstat, and other libkvm users.

I think the userland libkvm stuff is at least somewhat OK, because
this doesn't happen if I boot a 4-stable (circa early July) kernel.

FWIW, I can read this struct fine via kgdb:

# gdb -k kernel.debug /dev/mem
(kgdb) p swapblist 
$3 = (struct blist *) 0xfffffe00006b4f20
(kgdb) p *swapblist 
$4 = {
  bl_blocks = 786436, 
  bl_radix = 2097152, 
  bl_skip = 69904, 
  bl_free = 185598, 
  bl_root = 0xfffffe000073a000, 
  bl_rootblks = 30585

Any ideas?  I don't have an x86 running -current, so I don't know if
this is alpha-only.



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