<sys/conf.h> should not be included from userland, and if it is
a proper interface should be designed and used instead.


In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Sheldon Hearn writes:
>Hi Poul-Henning,
>As of rev 1.116 of sys/sys/conf.h, the xosview port no longer builds.
>Your delta added 3 struct timespec members to struct specinfo.
>The affected xosview file includes the following headers files in
>#include <sys/param.h>
>#include <sys/conf.h>
>The breakage looks like this:
>In file included from swapinternal.cc:67:
>/usr/include/sys/conf.h:59: field `si_atime' has incomplete type
>/usr/include/sys/conf.h:60: field `si_ctime' has incomplete type
>/usr/include/sys/conf.h:61: field `si_mtime' has incomplete type
>Including <sys/time.h> between the inclusion of <sys/param.h> and
><sys/conf.h> corrects the problem.
>Was this use of <sys/conf.h> always broken and only now problematic, or
>is there a new problem in <sys/conf.h>?
>To me, it looks like <sys/conf.h> should pull <sys/time.h> in for
>itself, although I understand that pollution comes along with that.

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