Yup, there's been chatter on this in a number of forums.  I must admit
that I am very please -- the Arla client is great, but Milko has a long
way to go before it is production quality.  Having access to the
Transarc/IBM source will presumably greatly facilitate the development of
Arla, and also allow use of the IBM code in the mean time (Arla is under a
liberal BSD-style license, whereas I would guess the IBM code will be
under something like the Netscape license?).  In any case, once the code
is out there, I'd be glad to participate in getting it running on FreeBSD.
We may be able to leverage existing work by the Arla folk on rx and lwp to
do that.

Finally, a production-quality, real, free distributed file system.

  Robert N M Watson 

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On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Thomas David Rivers wrote:

> Just F.Y.I....
>  I understand that, today, IBM is announcing it will open-source
> AFS via the IBM Public Source license..
>  Some quotes I've seen:
> "IBM announced today the open source contribution of a high-performance file
> system technology and talent to strengthen collaboration in the enterprise."
> "The contribution of AFS Enterprise File System gives the community a remote
> file system with a proven track record that features high performance and
> scalability in rigorous computing environments. AFS is designed to protect
> data access by authenticating users, providing a very secure, easily
> manageable working environment that supports a wide variety of operating
> platforms, including Linux."
> "IBM will actively work with the open source community to extend AFS
> development. In September, 2000 the source code for AFS will be available
> through the IBM Public Source License..."
>   Might be interesting....
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