As of this afternoon, I seem to be having problems with machines hanging
on incoming TCP connections.  As soon as some process attempts to do
useful TCP stuff (incoming telnet, ssh, et al), all process hang.  If I
break to ddb, a ps shows that telnetd has no wmesg.  If I begin tapping on
various virtual consoles, gradually those processes also show no wmesg.
If I do a trace while in ddb, it whos that the active process is the
telnetd, but that it is hung in write():

--- interrupt, eip = 0xc0195337, esp = 0xc5ea8ddc, ebp = 0xc5ea8df0 ---
sbappend(c554caf4,c057000) at sbappend+0x4b
tcp_usr_send(c554ca80,0,c0578000,0,0) at tcp_usr_send+0xc0
sosend(c554ca80,0,c5ea8edc,c0578000,0) at sosend+0x61b
soo_write(c0c5f380,c5ea8edc,c0543780,0,c4d1f560) at soo_write+0x24
dofilewrite(c4d1f560,c0c5f80,0,805b120,3) at dofilewrite+0xb1
write(c4d1f560,c5ea8f80,3ffffffff,805bcc8) at write+0x33
syscall2(2f,2f,2f,805bcc8,ffffffff) at syscall2+0x1f1
Xint80x80_syscall() at Xint80x80_syscall+0x25

So it looks like it might have to do with the recent socket buffer
patches, et al, and isn't a result of my recent commits.  However, I'm not
in front of a machine with a serial debugger right now, so won't be able
to follow up on this for a few hours.  It seems to affect both machines
I've tried it on.  ex cpl returns 63109a.

So as a word of warning: if you're thinking about cvsup'ing, don't :-)

  Robert N M Watson 

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TIS Labs at Network Associates, Safeport Network Services

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