On Thu, Aug 31, 2000 at 02:08:28PM -0700, Doug White wrote:
> This is usually indicitive of bad memory. Replace your memory modules.
I've seen some people have those same errors on the lists before,
so I did; twice.  First, with a replacement set of the same manufacturer 
256meg ECC dimms (Micron, I think), and then with the almost-painfully 
expensive Kentron FEMMA ECC dimms.

After switching to the Kentron memory, the crashes were (seemed?) 
less frequent, but every third or fourth day, ruptime(1) would 
show that this particular server had rebooted itself during the 
early morning hours.  I could never tell whether it was the result 
of a panic or a flat-out reboot.

I even replaced the motherboard, which didn't help, and fearing
software-corruption by all those hard reboots, I reinitialized
the RAID volume and reinstalled FreeBSD.  Six hours later, 
while transferring a gigabyte's worth of database files via
scp(1), I got another reboot.

The following morning, I came in to find the panic I described in
my previous post.  I was hoping that, to some far more
knowledgeable than I, that panic and trace would point the finger
at a specific piece of hardware.  FWIW, I'm thinking that the
RAID controller is flaking, and I've just got to find some time
to read the AMI docs to find out if I can swap controllers
without causing myself too much pain.

Thanks for your suggestion.


Evan Tsoukalas
Systems Administrator
Source Electronics Corporation

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