Hi, merging the code from ACPI For FreeBSD project into CURRENT finished!
We would very much appreciate for all people who encouraged and helped
and supported us.

1. Using ACPI
If you have machines with ACPI BIOS, you should be able to power off the
machine by shutdown -p (or acpiconf -s 5), or the power button is pressed
if the machine support it.  This is one of the power management
features covered by ACPI.  The implementaion of PnP configuration,
processor control and thermal management features will come later.
To activate acpi driver, just add
  device acpi
in your kernel configuration file.  Also you maybe interested in
  options ACPI_DEBUG
  options AML_DEBUG
to watch the ACPI events and trace of AML interpreter.

2. Further development
We, ACPI project guys, will stop maintaining own CVS repo. except for
ACPI DSDT (Differentiated System Description Table) data file and ASL
(ACPI Source Language) file collection.  We're going to concentrate our
development on -CURRENT.
Because it is still in experimental phase, more developers are needed.
To avoid making duplicate effort, I'd like to propose that having an
announcement in -current (or -hackers?) ML first then starting your
Watanabe-san and Yokoyama-san are working on GPE (General Purpose
Event) handling, I myself (iwasaki) working on PowerResource
implementaion for now.
# Battery, Thermal management would be good candidates for your first trial.

3. ACPI data file collection
The DSDT/ASL collection is available at
Note: this URL maybe change in the near future.

If your machine has ACPI BIOS, please send us ({iwasaki|takawata}@FreeBSD.org)
obtained data files as follows;
# acpidump -o foo.dsdt > foo.asl

4. Information about ACPI
has enough information about ACPI including links.  It seems ACPI 2.0
Specification is now available for download from this site.  I put
diffs between 1.0b and 2.0 index with a little modification for your
convenience at

Have fun!  and Thanks!

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