Can everyone please review the following code:

which is my first pass at integrating the latest 0-day OpenSSH release.

OpenBSD have integrated some of our patches and subtly changed others, and
moved several chunks around, so I'd like some eyes-on review of the diffs
before I commit (notably the LOGIN_CAP and ConnectionsPerPeriod stuff).

The diff against the openbsd version is included in the tarball, and the
diff against our current code can be generated with 'cvs diff' after you
blat this over the top of a current source tree.

A changelog is included in the tarball. Notable features:

* First attempt at a sftp server which is apparently interoperable with
sftp2, scp2 and the windows client from

* scp works with files > 2GB

* Better interoperability with other clients/servers

* Outstanding unauthenticated connection number limiting - I dont know how
this interacts with our ConnectionsPerPeriod stuff.

* Usual bugfixes.



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