On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Chris D. Faulhaber wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Justin Ovens [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> > What would cause freebsd -current to lock up when i telnet, ftp, or ssh to
> > it?  Somthing with inetd?
> > 
> chgsbsize breakage from a few days ago?

Question regarding this:  

Have a new Tosbiba 4360ZDVD laptop CVSupped during the breakage - it locks
horribly from incoming telnet requests - CVSupping right now, as I've
heard that it's fixed.

I'm also testing the XIG X server (demo version) on it for the S3
Savage-IX support.  Running the server locally works - able to get Gnome
going without issues.  

However: "X -query jason" hangs the machine.  

Since I've never really looked much into how X works, can this be blamed
on the kernel breakage, or (since this laptop isn't listed on XIG's
"approved" list) does this point to a problem with the X server?

(I'll probably throw out a response to myself once I get the CVS/recompile
done, assuming that incoming telnet works again.)


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