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On 9/2/00, 5:14:39 PM, Kenneth Wayne Culver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote 
regarding forgot info on soundcard:

> Alright, I forgot to mention what soundcard I have before, so here 

> I have an es1371 card. To repeat the problem, with a day-old -current 
> mixer doesn't work. I have the sound drivers loaded as a module.

> Ken

Dear Kenneth Wayne Culver,

I am afraid the problem may not bear any relation to soundcards.

FWIW, mine is a soundblaster AWE 64 (ISA), and it IS detected at boot 
time; by the way, I have been using device pcm, seq, sbc, and joy in 
my kernel config; also, I have remade the snd0 device.

Best regards,
Salvo -- listening to his favo(u)rite composers under 4-STABLE :-)

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