I'm working on ACPI and thinking of sharing the related code with
other power management subsystem (currently apm) rather than having
duplicated code.  Updating timer/clock before and after sleeping, is
my first target.

My idea is that create new pseudo timer device driver for power
management events in i386/isa/pmtimer.c which should be statically
wired and always only one instance, then move
apm_default_{suspend|resume} in i386/apm/apm.c into pmtimer as
device_{suspend|resume} method.

Firstly I thought that this should be moved to i386/isa/clock.c and
define device_{suspend|resume} method of attimer. But I noticed that
it's for PnP and we cannot guarantee that there is always only one
device instance and device_{suspend|resume} is executed once per

I put the code and diffs at

Please review them, I'll commit this change this weekend.


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