At 1:30 AM -0700 2000/9/1, Mike Smith wrote:

>  I've just committed a driver for the abovementioned RAID adapter families
>  provided by DPT/Adaptec and the long-suffering Mark Salyzyn.  The driver
>  will be maintained by Adaptec, with a little help from yours truly if
>  really necessary.

        Excellent!  Any ideas when this might be MFC'd to -STABLE?

>  With any luck, we should see the complete set of management tools
>  available from Adaptec shortly to complement this driver, and I'll be
>  backporting to -stable once I'm certain I haven't broken anything with
>  this commit, since the driver's already had a long shakedown period.

        Awesome!  You mean that we won't have to reboot into DOS (or 
PROM) to manage reconfigure this thing?  Cool!

>  Thanks to Adaptec, Mark Salyzyn and Justin Gibbs for again being the right
>  person in the right place at the right time.

        And thanks to you, for all your hard work that you've put in to 
make all the various RAID adaptors function correctly under FreeBSD!

        We couldn't do it without you, Mike!

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