OK, here is the nasty bit of DEVFS:  The locking and protection patch:


Add support for an overflow table for DEVFS inodes.  The static
table defaults to 1024 inodes, if that fills, an overflow table
of 32k inodes is allocated.  Both numbers can be changed at
compile time, the size of the overflow table also with the
sysctl vfs.devfs.noverflow.

Use atomic instructions to barrier between make_dev()/destroy_dev()
and the mounts.

Add lockmgr() locking of directories for operations accessing or
modifying the directory TAILQs.

Various nitpicking here and there.

The patch to i386/include/atomic.h is taken from SMPng to which
I added atomic_cmpset_ptr().

With this patch DEVFS has the features and properties it should
have with respect to the "main mount".

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