HEADS UP: nsswitch meets current


I have just commited nsswitch support to FreeBSD-current.  The code is
based on NetBSD 1.4.2's nsswitch and I attempted to keep the
implementations as close as possible.  By creating an
/etc/nsswitch.conf file, you can configure FreeBSD so that various
databases such as passwd and group can be looked up using flat files,
NIS, or Hesiod.

To summarize,

= Hesiod has been added to libc (see hesiod(3)).

= A library routine for parsing nsswitch.conf and invoking callback
  functions as specified has been added to libc (see nsdispatch(3)).

= The following C library functions have been modified to use nsdispatch:
    . getgrent, getgrnam, getgrgid
    . getpwent, getpwnam, getpwuid
    . getusershell
    . getaddrinfo
    . gethostbyname, gethostbyname2, gethostbyaddr
    . getnetbyname, getnetbyaddr
    . getipnodebyname, getipnodebyaddr, getnodebyname, getnodebyaddr

  As a side effect, by Hajimu UMEMOTO <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>'s suggestion
  (thanks!), the default for the resolver is now files, then dns.
  This is different than the traditional default of dns, then files.
  HOWEVER, note that since November 1998 we have installed a default
  host.conf that causes lookup to be files, then dns anyway.

= host.conf has been removed from src/etc.  rc.network has been modified
  to warn that host.conf is no longer used at boot time.  In addition, if
  there is a host.conf but no nsswitch.conf, the latter is created at boot
  time from the former.

See also hesiod.conf(5) and nsswitch.conf(5).

Thanks to Luke Mewburn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for writing this freely
distributable name-service switch implementation for the NetBSD

Thanks to those who sent in reports/suggestions/patches!

Note that patches adding this support to 4.1-RELEASE and 4.1-STABLE
are available at http://www.nectar.com/freebsd/nsswitch, as well as
the patches that have been committed to -CURRENT.

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