> > 
> > With very recent current sources, the agp driver doesn't probe when loaded as 
> > a module, but works OK when compiled into the kernel.
> Oh. I thought that was only a problem in 4.x. Can I see a verbose bootlog
> for a kernel where this is a problem.

OK -  I'm away from the machine at the moment (it's back at home) - I'll boot 
the old kernel verbosely and send the results back. Mind you, when I start to 
fire up the X server and have it load up DRI & glx modules, it crashes the 
machine. The mga module (when I preload it) complains that it needs the agp 
module in the bootup messages.

> > 
> > However, when compiled into the kernel, it seems to mess up the sound driver 
> > (pcm, crystal cs23x) such that no sound or garbled sound at a low volume comes 
> > out. Has anyone else seen this? I'm using the mga driver from the XFree86 cvs 
> > tree to do 3D work, which is why I'm using the AGP driver.
> No idea about this one.

Yeah - I think there's some warts lurking in the sound code somewhere. It's odd, 
becuase the interrupts from the sound device are still coming in at the expected rate 
- just not any sound, like it's bufferring from some random chunk of clear memory.

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