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>[I changed the subject to something more represenative.]
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>Mark Knight  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> With world and kernel of 10th August, 01:00 GMT cvsup is reporting
>> 'SetAttrs' adjustments for every file it encounters on repeated runs
>> against a server that has not been updated.
>> Running under an old kernel, cvsup is not performing any updates.
>Stranger things have happened, but still I am skeptical of this.
>Please make sure that the kernel is really the only difference.
>Especially check that on each run you:
>    - have the same umask


>    - are logged in as the same user


>    - are using the same cvsup command line and supfile


It was repeatable over several reboots, switching between the two
kernels. I've just performed a new sup, and with a new kernel everything
is fine again... I'll put it down to a bad snapshot for want of a better

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