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> > Hi,
> > I have installed XFree86 and there is no XF86Setup. Have you any idea 
> > why?
> > I want to increase depth of color and modifing /etc/XF86Config has no
> > result.

> Tcl/Tk.

> Build X, clean it out. Build Tcl/Tk 8.2. Build X again. You'll have 

> BTW - there is no XF86Setup in XFree86-4 yet.

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Dear Mark Murray,

from my installation.log, just to add another datapoint:


===>  Configuring for XFree86-3.3.6
Using tk-8.3
Which servers do you wish to build, you can save a lot of disk space
by only compiling the server you will be using.  It will also save you
considerable compile time.
*** If you want to use XF86Setup to set the INITIAL configuration,
*** then you must build the VGA server
Do you want to build the VGA16 server? [YES] Y
Do you want to build the VGA16Dual server? [YES] Y


IMHE, the configuration is possible via [a] few different versions; 
mine is, er, are currently tcl-8.3.1 and tcl-8.2.3; I recall 
installing XFree86-3.3.6 immediately after I had installed tk-8.3 (ie 
which, in turn, installed tcl-8.3.1).

Also, as a quick look at the PLIST confirms, different versions of Tcl 
-- Tool Command Language -- can (should) happily coexist :-)

Best regards,

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