On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Brian Somers wrote:

> > Seigo Tanimura wrote:
> > > 
> > > I have been suffering from this problem for almost 2 months. When I
> > > remove a pcmcia ethernet card from my laptop PC, routed(8) announces
> > > updated routing information by multicast, leading to a kernel
> > > panic.
> > 
> > Ejecting an interface configured up will do that.  ifconfig the interface
> > `down' and then `delete' before ejecting it.
> Interfaces in promiscuous mode will always result in a reboot.  I 
> *usually* get away with ejecting an active card if it's not in 
> promiscuous mode.

A while back I committed patches to use bpf_detach(), which elminated the
struct ifnet pointer in the bpf described at detach time.  This removed
most of the panics I experience on ejecting pccards.  This should be in
5.0-CURRENT and 4.1-STABLE.  If you're still experiencing panics, we
should track it down some more as presumably there is another reference
(it could also be a race condition, or in-use mbuf during detach?)

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