> > The draft version of manpages are available at
> > http://people.FreeBSD.org/~iwasaki/acpi/acpidump.8
> > http://people.FreeBSD.org/~iwasaki/acpi/amldb.8
> I've just found the time to give them a quick once over, and I'd have no
> problem with them going in as they are.  There are some grammar changes,
> and possibly terminology changes that might be appropriate, but I haven't
> got the time to enumerate them all at the moment, and I'm sure the wider
> community can make suggestions as time goes on.

Thanks.  I got mails from kind guys including some grammar changes,
but my main NotePC has a problem with keyboard and it's in repairing
(yes, revised version of manpages are in that PC...) :-<

> Sheldon can probably render an opinion on their usage of the macros.

OK, I'm looking forward to see it :-)

Thanks again

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