Probably not many -current users use msdosfs; I use it only for the
occasional floppy (extremely rare now) and the flash cards from my
electronic cameras.  On trying to mount one of these today, I ran into
a problem (apparently in the msdosfs_vnops change of Sept 2, since a system 
made the previous Wed didn't have this problem) where any msdosfs
system (I mount it 'ro,longnames,noauto') comes mounted with perms 
d--------- (so noone but root can reference it) and names translated
to lower case.  I've come to count on that last not happening (besides
if you wanted win95 behavior it would leave the first letter capital).

The perms thing is a real problem.

The name translation could be too (It is for me since I sort files 
together with previous reads so the change will really mess things up.)
(unless longnames implies uc-lc conversion; this really shouldn't
happen since win95 actually supports mixed case correctly (though
doesn't default to generating it).

I see no new mount option to control the name conversion.

Hopefully there is no new attempt at text file conversion built into the
filesystem too since there is no real way to tell what is a text file
or not...

On trying this with 'shortnames', it still has both problems...

I presume that my flashcard doesn't have a win95 directory structure
present but don't really know.  It only works right if the camera
formats it :-)

I can get around it for now but as with basename(1), gratuitous
changes to long-standing behavior is vexing at best.

-- Pete

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