It may be because of something screwy that I did, I had been cvsup'ing from
cvsup3.  Saw the note about 3 not having a full crypto mirror so I tried a 
cvsup from 2 and make world completed, but when running ssh I get this:

/usr/libexec/ /usr/lib/ Undefined symbol "RSA_PKCS1"

Restoring a from an earlier backup gets things going again.

Just blue skying for a minute here, but I wonder if it might be possible to
make a short list of critical utilities that depend on some of these 
critical libraries.  It would be quite helpful to test the libraries with
the criticial utilities prior to installing them.  How many times have we
blown our and then we are really inconvenienced?  This one is not
as bad as a hose though.

Something that could invoke a dummy image load of /usr/bin/login against the
soon to be installed libc, and if it got undefined symbols, bail on the
libc installation.  I bet this would save some of us infrequent grief!


Mark Hittinger

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