Hello Bruce Evans! 

 Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 03:09:02, bde wrote about "Re: load average is 1 when no 
processes active; etc.": 

> > `top -I' output:
> > 
> > ==={
> > last pid:   811;  load averages:  1.01,  0.97,  0.67    up 0+00:16:12  23:26:26
> This is because the idle process is always running (see "ps lax" outout).
> Perhaps the bug is that top doesn't show the idle process or other interesting
> kernel processes like the new interrupt processes.

top does nothing to determine LA except getting sysctl "vm.loadavg", isn't it?
("uptime" and "w" says the same avenrun/LA values.)
Imho, idle process should not be determined as always running,
and idle process state should be fixed.

> > IP Filter: v3.4.9 initialized.  Default = pass all, Logging = enabled
> > microuptime() went backwards (1.3891137 -> 0.596214)
> > microuptime() went backwards (1.3891137 -> 0.596655)
> > ...
> I get these at boot time on one machine but not on another very similar
> machine, and often after messing around with ddb.  TSC timecounter in
> all cases.  I think they are not a serious problem or related to old
> timecounter bugs, but they may be related to old bugs setting `switchtime'.

What information of my hardware should be reported additionally?


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