(Once again cross posted since -ports is the major consumer).

At http://people.freebsd.org/~reg/ there is a new patch for "pkg_which",
now implemented as two new options for pkg_info.  Please review this for
style and silly things...

Also, if you download the bsd.port.mk patch from the page, you can see a
new package-depends target, and a check-plist-conflicts target.

The new package-depends target is not only about three times faster, but
it also doesn't require any Makefiles for depends (so you can just
build with the one port extracted, if you have already installed
depends).  It also has the feature of registering with the correct
package (so you'll not see errors about missing +REQUIRED_BY for
ghostscript{5,55,6}).  This can be used for the XFree86 3.3.6/4.0 and
for OpenMotif/LessTif, etc.

check-plist-conflicts could be inserted before pre-install to test if
you are going to overwrite files.  It could also be used in reverse to
check for updates - if you have a new package (say gtk-1.2.8) and it's
PLIST conflicts with some installed port (say gtk-1.2.3), then this is a
good choice for what we want to upgrade.

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