On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 18:11:20 +0200, "Niels Chr. Bank-Pedersen" wrote:

> Hmm, how about those of us doing buildworlds/buildkernels on
> one (nfs)server for subsequent installworlds/installkernels
> on multiple other machines?

You run buildkernel once, and then installkernel multiple times.  That's
if all your machines want the same kernel and modules.  If they require
different kernels and modules, you'll want something like:

        master> make KERNEL=HOST1 buildkernel
        master> make KERNEL=HOST2 buildkernel
        master> make KERNEL=HOST3 buildkernel
        host1>  make installkernel
        host2>  make installkernel
        host3>  make installkernel

> With the current targets, you either have to build modules
> over and over againg for each `client', or you have to accept
> that /boot/kernel/* gets nuked when running installkernel
> (or, as you point out, one can use the old manual scheme).

Right now, the general feeling seems to be that the options specified in
the kernel config might affect the way in which modules for that kernel
are built.  I don't like this idea, but that's the prevailing wisdom.

So yes, you have to build each machine's modules separately.  If you
agree with me that the prevailing wisdom is stupid, then you can build
every kernel after HOST1's with -DNO_MODULES and copy HOST1's modules
into the obj dir for the remaining hosts' kernels.  You could probably
even get away with a symlink.

Folks, I agree that it would be nice to have a reinstallkernel target in
src/Makefile.inc1.  Other than that, it really does sound like
everyone's just arguing for the sake of being heard.


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