Brian A. Seklecki - Stargate Industries, LLC - NOC wrote:
> You're running vmware sucsessfully in --current?  I sync'd up the last
> time I was in the office (last...Friday?) and the linux emulation package
> refused to build in --current; complaining about an incopatible kernel
> module.  In fact, i had to comment out the linux proc file system (from
> the linux emul package in 4.1-release) in the fstab to get into multi-user
> mode.
> I'll sync again tonight, poke around some more.
> --Brian

I'm running vmware 1.x
it works fine except that you need to change the location of some
include files for it to compile, and to make a small change to 
the vmnet ethernet driver. Unfortunatly however, it
doesn't like to access raw disks and refuses to allow me to
read my disks directly. It will work however with virtual disks.

the files that need to be patched are:
jules# pwd
jules# find . -print|xargs grep -l compat/lin

in linux_emu.c:
#include <i386/linux/linux.h>
#include <i386/linux/linux_proto.h>
#include <compat/linux/linux_util.h>  <---------

in vmnet_linux.c:
#include <i386/linux/linux.h>
#include <i386/linux/linux_proto.h>
#include <compat/linux/linux_ioctl.h> <----------

        s = splimp();
        ether_ifattach(ifp,1); <------ this replaces 3 other lines

        return 0;
./vmnet-only/freebsd/vmnet.c: unmodified: line 159 of 599 [26%]

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