I just realized this may be a difference due to a between -current and
-stable, so I've moved discussion to -current to check. Apologies if
this was the wrong thing to do.

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Mike Meyer wrote:
> It then fails to install for me with the error messages:
> /tmp/sv001.tmp/setup.bin: error in loading shared libraries: libvos1GCC.so: cannot 
>open shared object file: No such file or directory

I recall something about things running under the linux emulator
*sometimes* treating references to / as references to
/compat/linux. I'm thinking that this may be the problem, and it's not
causing problems with -stable - yet.

In particular, I'm wondering if the install file (an executable) is
putting shared libraries in /tmp that executable it installs are then
trying to find somewhere else - because of this path tweaking.

I did try creating a /compat/linux/tmp that was a symlink to /tmp. I
didn't fool with /compat/linux/usr/tmp, as it already existed.

Anyone have any insight into this? Suggestions?


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