with -current as of yesterday I get partial success.

My configuration:
  - Tecra8000
  - 256MB Ram
  - ad0: IBM DARA 25000 @ UDMA33
  - ad1: IBM DARA 26480 @ UDMA33
  - kernel and modules in sync, fresh buildworld, buildkernel...
  - Nonstandart-options:
    o enabled apm, acpi, usb, pcm, pcic.
    o all slices are mounted with noatime and sofdep.
    o sysctl -w vfs.vmiodirenable=1 
    o sysctl -w vfs.write_behind=0
    o kern.vm.kmem.size=20971520 in loader.conf

What seems to work:
  - buildkernel; (buildworld not testet)
  - linuxerator (testet staroffice, Oracle 8.1.5, SAP R/3 4.5B)
  - X
  - Wine
  - pcmcia (ep0, aic0 - insert/delete testet)
  - apm (suspend/resume not testet)

What doesn't
  - Heavy (concurrent?) disk I/O locks up the system solid.
    Testet with "du -sk /usr/ports" or "tar cf - . | `cd /scratch; tar xvf -`" in 
multiuser mode...
                    "tar cf /dev/null /usr/ports &; tar cf - /usr/ports | tar tvf -" 
in singleuser mode (disks mounted -oro )
    o getting (after hanging with "du -sk /usr/ports"  into ddb -> ps shows some 
processes in ffsvgt and du hanging in some FFS operation.
    o in singleuser mode -> ddb -> ps I see the 3 tar's in stat: 3, wmesg: piperd, 
inode, FFS node.
  - "panic" in ddb hangs in "syncing disks x x ...".

Michael Reifenberger - IT, UNIX, R/3-Basis
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