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Subject: Re: panic: kmem_malloc(-1077936128): kmem_map too small
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 12:29:01 +0200
From: Mitja Horvat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Doug Barton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
References: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Hi Doug,

since I'm not subscribed to freebsd-current, I would prefer that you
forward this email. I will try to describe the panic in more detail

Filesystem specific mount structure is copied from userspace in
in vfs_subr.c at line 178:

        /* copy in user arguments*/
        err = copyin(data, (caddr_t)&args, sizeof (struct ufs_args));
        if (err)
                goto error_1;           /* can't get arguments*/

This structure is never checked for garbled data, and its args.export 
field  is passed as is to vfs_export() and later to vfs_hang_addrlist().
We have the following two lines in vfs_hang_addrlist() at line 2252 in

        i = sizeof(struct netcred) + argp->ex_addrlen + argp->ex_masklen;
        np = (struct netcred *) malloc(i, M_NETADDR, M_WAITOK);

(argp in this case is the pointer to argc.export)
argp->ex_addrlen is copied directly from userspace. If the structures in 
the kernel, and the userspace utility mismatch, ex_addrlen will have a 
different value than it was supposed to(-1077936128 on my machine, which
paniced the kernel on every boot) and problems like memory leaks or
may occur.

Some sanity checking would be appropriate for the export_args structure.


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