> I'm running a current machine of 12 Sept although this problem 
> also occured on a current of a few days earlier ...
> This only happens when using the IPv6 IPSec code during the day,
> it is readily reproduceable.
> If during the day I load the racoon daemon and load keys and
> establish a IPSec tunnel connection everything works fine till
> 2:00 am when the daily script runs OR if I run the daily script
> by hand ...  I generated the following dump and backtrace ...
> It seems to crash in a makedev routine using FOREACH list macro's.
> The problem doesn't seem to be with the list or the makedev function
> in kern_conf.c.  It seems to me that something in the kernel 
> corrupts the static list dev_hash when using the IPSec code.
> Summary - when ising IPSec ... machine panics during daily
> script execution.

I think IPsec is not relative to this issue.  To make sure,
does your machine run healthy without IPsec ?
Please try the following.
        case 1) with option IPSEC, but no SPD entry.
        case 2) without option IPSEC

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