John Baldwin wrote:
> Brandon D. Valentine wrote:
> > I would like to request that someone with access to
> > build a snapshot release based entirely on the
> > PRE_SMPNG CVS branch so those of us wishing to install current will have
> > a better starting point.  The snaps currently being built come directly
> > from HEAD and hence are ridden with the instability inherent in current
> > at the moment.  It would be nice if there was one snap built directly
> > from the branch point and put in
> > or
> > something to that effect.
> Err, AFAIK, the only instability atm is that under heavy load some ahc
> controllers seem to hang (or possibly the ahc driver is getting out of
> sorts and hanging.)  However, the problem is not so bad that you can't
> build world in at most 2 boots, and it also seems to only manifest
> itself on SMP machines AFAIK.  The only other bugs at this point are
> in cosmetic statistics, and in catching the alpha arch up to the x86
> arch.  If you have other stability problems we'd appreciate some bug
> reports. :-P

Ok, to be fair, I've just found out that static hints seem to be
broken possibly because some variable isn't initialized to 0, but
that can be easily worked around with dynamic hints until that is


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