Kris Kennaway wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, Steve Kargl wrote:
> > Before I jump in and attempt to do an upgrade of libgmp,
> > I thought I'd asked if anyone else has endured this joy?
> > 
> > Note, src/contrib/libgmp is at version 2.0.x and it is 
> > 3+ years old.  The newest version is at 3.1.  The Changelog
> > indicates that there are numerous fixes and enhancements 
> > over 2.0.x.
> See

Thanks, Kris.  I suspected that either you or markm would
have already tackled the job.

> I need to get back to this (and update to the latest version), but the
> issue is how to specify the partially ordered set of compatible CPU
> revisions which you'd like to build asm code for (same issue as with
> openssl)

I'm not fluent in FSF configure scripts, but it looks like
configure tests the compiler for specific features to determine
CPU type.  The gross hack would be to add CPU_TYPE="generic"
to /etc/defaults/make.conf, and allow users to define CPU_TYPE
in /etc/make.conf.  It appears that for example CPU_TYPE="alpha"
is insufficient because each cpu type 21064, 21164, 21264 has
tuned asm code.  The bmake file would then have a cascade of
#ifdef CPU_TYPE to pull in the right code.

Would a CPU_TYPE variable be useful for others parts of "make world"?


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