Ben Smithurst writes:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
> > I cvsupped and rebuilt earlier to today, only to find that the kernel
> > was installed as /boot/kernel/kernel instead of
> > /boot/kernel/kernel.ko. While fixing this was trivial, it was a bit of
> > a surprise.
> > Is this a bug, or did I happen to catch the world in a state of change
> > described in a cvs-all or current message I missed or hadn't read yet?
> This is an intentional change, and was discussed on freebsd-arch.  I'm
> not sure why you needed to fix anything though, it should have worked
> anyway.

I think I had to fix things because the first boot on the new kernel
used the old loader. I did that because this is an ahc-based system,
and there have been comments about such not booting on this list. So I
did installkernel and rebooted before doing installworld.

That the system booted properly after doing the installworld caused me
to wonder about things. The old loader failed to find
/boot/kernel/kernel.ko and aborted the boot. The new loader found
/boot/kernel/kernel.ko and booted fine. Does the new loader check both
/boot/kernel/kernel and /boot/kernel/kernel.ko?

Is needing to have a new loader installed to boot worth a mention in


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