On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, Steve Kargl wrote:

> I need to review the gmp documents again, but I not sure
> the preference order is much of an issue.  By default,
> CPU_TYPE="generic" would build the C code, which should work
> on all architectures supported by FreeBSD.  If a user explicitly
> sets CPU_TYPE in /etc/make.conf, then the ordering would be
> CPU_TYPE then generic.  There is not gray area.  For example,
> I have an athlon processor, so libgmp.a would have a preferred
> order of athlon, generic.

It's not just for libgmp, but for other parts of the system too (like

For example, what happens if you have a pentium pro, but there are no
ppro optimisations in a particular program - but there are pentium
optimisations. Obviously you would want those as a fallback.


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