On 18 Sep, Bruce Evans wrote:

>> >> dnetc runns with idprio 31, system cvsupped around Sep 16, 11 CEST from
>> >> a german mirror (it contains the idle fixes: src/sys/kern/kern_idle.c,v
>> >> 1.4), complete build{world,kernel}.
>> >> 
>> >> ---snip---
>> >> last pid:  1666;  load averages:  1.10,  1.11,  1.03    up 0+00:51:21  16:54:14
>> > 
>> > Perhaps it really is a system process :-[.  idprio on a pure cpu hog prevents
>> > other user processes from running like a system process might do:
>> > 
>> >    idprio 31 sh -c "while :; do :; done"
>> > 
>> > System processes actually hang the entire system until they complete:
>> Are you mixing idprio with rtprio or did I not understand what you
>> explain?
> You didn't understand :-).  Try the example.  It only uses idprio.

I have dnetc still running with idprio 31 and it didn't hang the entire
system (I'm able to write this mail and compiling a port in the
background while dnetc is running).

As I understand this:
- The man-page of idprio says it allows processes only to run if the
  system is idle.
- You say, in my case (dnetc is a cpu hog, isn't it?) idprio prevents
  other processes from running (the opposide of what I want).
- I say, dnetc is running in the background with idprio 31 and I'm able
  to do usefull work while it is running.


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