On Monday, 18 September 2000 at  1:23:30 +0200, Michael Reifenberger wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Greg Lehey wrote:
> ...
>> You could also show the content of p->p_pid.  If you don't have a p
>> pointer in the frame you're looking at, use ((struct
>> *proc)gd_curproc)->p_pid and ((struct *proc)gd_curproc)->p_comm.  We
>> need to know what is hanging.
> Sorry doesn't seem to work:
> (kgdb) p p->p_comm
> No symbol "p" in current context.
> (kgdb) p ((struct*proc)gd_curproc)->p_pid
> A syntax error in expression, near `proc)gd_curproc)->p_pid'.
> (kgdb) p ((struct *proc)gd_curproc)->p_comm
> A syntax error in expression, near `proc)gd_curproc)->p_comm'.
> (kgdb) p gd_curproc
> $1 = 0xc78760c0

Oops, that's what comes of typing hurriedly early in the morning.

  p ((struct proc *)gd_curproc)->p_comm
  p ((struct proc *)gd_curproc)->p_pid

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