On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Ben Smithurst wrote:

> Does anyone have any clue what could cause errors like this?  I've
> been seeing this sort of stuff since the SMPng commit, IIRC.  I'm sure
> there's more information I should be giving, so just let me know what to
> find. dmesg is at the end.

        This looks an awful lot like something I was seeing during early
  testing while adding locking to the mbuf system. Try `netstat -m' to see
  how many mbuf clusters are allocated. I would guess that the system is
  unable to allocate clusters reliably. In my case, at the time, I had
  forgotten to change a pointer dereference to meet the new structure, and
  thus it just worked out that after allocating the initial amount of
  clusters, nothing more was possible to allocate. I haven't seen this
  problem after fixing my mistake, nor before introducing it. None of the
  work I mentionned has been committed at any point in time (yet), so the
  problem can only be similar, at best (in any case, a `netstat -m' should
  offer a clue).

  Bosko Milekic

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