Alright, I've been using -CURRENT with the SMPng changes for a few days
and wanted to give some feedback. 

Overall everything works, although I have been experienceing a few
problems which may or may not be related. 

1) When I'm playing music (mp3), and I move the mouse or move a window in
X, the sound stutters and I get a pcm0: hwptr went backwards x -> y (where
x and y are different numbers).

2) the mouse is quite jumpy in X, especially while there is high cpu
usage. I have tried to use both the usb mouse and the psm mouse (I have a
usb to psm adapter) and the behaviour is the same with all mice I've
tried. ( a logitec optical mouse, and a ms intellimouse with the ball,
not optical) 

These have been the only noticable changes to my system since the
update... I have built the world with the changes in the kernel without
problems so they seem stable enough, just kinda slow.


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