I get these on an SMP kernel, which locks up the box, I can't even
figure out where exactly its happening. Maybe I'm just missing something
in my kernel config file? I assumed (from UPDATING) that no real change
needed to the SMP options?

The hardware is an Intel N440BX motherboard with two PII333 procs.

I'm not opposed to the option that this is *my* error and not SMPNG's

PRE_SMPNG is VERY stable on this box, however the constant crashes (mostly
during high I/O periods, such as make world) have made it impossible to
use the machine for any type of real development under SMPNG. (which if I
had time since the promotion, I'd be a bit crazy right now)

If theres is anything I can do to help debug this, let me know, you can
email me privately.



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