On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Neil Blakey-Milner wrote:

> On Thu 2000-09-21 (08:48), Donn Miller wrote:
> > An example of what I get when I try to do a make buildkernel.  I have set
> > KERNEL=CUSTOM in /etc/make.conf, so I should be alright there.
> > 
> > {standard input}:2342: Error: Subtraction of two symbols in different sections 
>".data" {.data section} - "KERNBASE" {*UND* section} at file address 928.
> Do you have a populated /usr/obj?  (ie, with nm)

I've been doing "make buildkernel installkernel" in /usr/src without doing
a "make buildworld" first.  Is this OK?  I guess the buildkernel created a
/usr/obj, but I deleted it and tried buildkernel again with the same

- Donn

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