Hi all,

I am new to -current but running FreeBSD since 2.2.?. current was a result of haveing 
problems with
my notebook after running a long time with 3.x and 4.x. till the last cvsup mid of 
august and now
there must have been changes which cases my notebook to hang when rebooting.

it is a Kapok 8700 (233MhZ/128MB/4GB/ESS1879) which is sold under different brands.

now i successfully updated to current running in the same problem. if power on is done 
it boots
fine. also shutdown -h now and power off / power on works. but reboot or shutdown -r 
now makes the
box shutting down and it looks like it trys to start (cleaning the screen) and then 
hangs forever.
only power off is possible. i want to stay with this box on current because i always 
was interested
in it so any idea that rebooting works again would be great.

there are 2 more questions:

1. i run vmware and after the update the rtc.ko und vm..ko modules cant get loaded. 
trying to
reinstall from the ports works for rtc (but results in exec format error again) and 
fails for
vmware. there was a note about people complaining about the linux emulation after 
upgrading to
current and not moving the old moules away. i moved /modules and /modules.old away and 
let only an
empty /modules. the onld kernel is still in / but when booting it is noted 
/boot/kernel... kde2 and
other software atarts fine.

2. the notebook has an ESS1879 sound card which was the second reason to upgrade. 
pcm/sbc finds the
card without problems at boot time. but artsd from kde2/b5 locks the pc when it is 

many thanks for any hints.

Best rgards, / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Karl M. Joch

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