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Culver writes:
: I can second this... on my PC the cpu used to run around about 84 degrees
: F with the case at 80 degrees F, now the cpu runs at about 91-93 degrees F
: while the case runs at 80 degrees F.

My laptop does seem to run *MUCH* warmer than before as well.  It runs
hot to begin with, but with the latest kernels it runs really hot.  It
used to get this hot only when I compiled -j 4.  I don't have ACPI
enabled and am using UP kernel.  There really needs to be a HLT in the
idle loop to keep idle machines cools.

The thermal management code, iirc, works in conjunction with this by
lower the clock rate when things aren't too loaded, but that is a
fairly complex thign to wait for.  It also seems to help mostly on
lightly loaded machines.  HLT helps more than you'd otherwise


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