I don't have it enabled... I am not even on my laptop with
-CURRENT... this is on my regular PC... and I'm taking my thermal readings
by banging around on some memory addys through /dev/io with a little hack
of a program I wrote as a windowmaker dockapp for this purpose... 

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On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Mike Smith wrote:

> > I can second this... on my PC the cpu used to run around about 84 degrees
> > F with the case at 80 degrees F, now the cpu runs at about 91-93 degrees F
> > while the case runs at 80 degrees F.
> While you're tinkering with SMPng, be VERY SURE that you do not have acpi 
> enabled (ie. make sure it's not in your kernel config).  We're not yet 
> handling thermal management, and this *will* hurt you.
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