Howdy gang,

        I recently upgraded my home and work workstation machines to X
Free 4.0.1 so that I could test the possibility of using the i810 video
card. Surprisingly enough for me, everything works as expected, with the
exception of mouse stuff. 

        Previously I had X + moused working just fine, so I had the best
of both worlds. With X 4.0.1 if I use moused I get no response from the
mouse in X at all. There is no error message, but there is no mouse
movement either. If I abandon moused then I get all mouse stuff behaving
normally, until I switch consoles. If I go back to the text console, then
back to X the mouse is dead. The only way out of it is Ctl-Alt-Bs. The
same is true if I exit my wm and go back to xdm. 

        This isn't a huge issue for me, since the mouse is working fine in
X itself, but I thought someone would want to know.

        "The dead cannot be seduced."
                - Kai, "Lexx"

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