Bosko Milekic wrote:
>         I don't believe so. There are several external resources, such as
>   on-line papers, and so on. There is also a man page (which I've found
>   from jasone's web space) which has been prepared by Sheldon Hearn and
>   which should be at ~jake/mutex.9
>         As far "standard way to do it" documents - I haven't seen any and I'm
>   not sure how worthwile it would be to do this at this point in time, as
>   the code is still quite dynamic.
>         (Of course, I'm not implying "don't do it," just "be careful when you
>   do it"

What I'm looking for is something that says  for example, 
what stategy should be used for deadlock avoidance.
For example.
 "Order of locking should be  proc then vnode then socket then mbuf",
"Use asleep() await() to back out when encountering a locked item that
stays locked for more than xx uSecs."

At the moment there is no guide as to how one should combine locks
in various different subsystems. Throwing a lock in every structure is
thing but then to tie the whole bundle up together is a completely
different ballgame.

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