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> Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> The Hermit 
>Hacker writes:
> > : Okay, I'm a little confused here ... from what I'm reading/following, this
> > : isn't a new problem ... or is it?  If not, why has it suddenly manifested
> > : itself with the new SMP code?
> > It seems to be new with the SMP code.  At least that's what my reading
> > of the original message is.
> I'm seeing the same thing as Marc, but I have a little more info:
> 1) it started after the SMPng commit.
> 2) it's not just sio, it's everything:
>     - interactive response is markedly slower.
>     - the keyboard autorepeats slower than it used to (even with
>       kbdcontrol -r fast).
>     - I/O bound processes such as mpg123 or cvsup will pause briefly
>       when there is other I/O going on (moving the mouse, typing fast,
>       holding down a key on the keyboard), which they didn't use to.

This is basically a result of the entire kernel running at the
equivelant of splhigh, all interrupts are blocked until a context
switch in kernel land.

There's work in progress to mpsafe the drivers (at least for
ethernet, more will arrive later).

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