On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 03:37:32PM -0400, Kenneth Wayne Culver wrote:
> I will try to build a debug kernel, and get a backtrace of what's
> happening to send to the list, but basically what happened is that I was
> running a cvsup of the cvs source repository and the ports repository and
> it just crashed and rebooted (I'm doing this remotely, so I can't really
> catch any messeges that get sent to the screen right now, not until I go
> home from work). The second time it happened was doing the cvs update of
> my source tree and ports tree, and it just crashed and rebooted.. I will
> make a debug kernel and do a backtrace and send it as soon as I possibly
> can.

i've experienced the same things: -CURRENT crashes on heavy disk activity,
such as rm -rf /usr/ports or cvsup/anoncvs. it crashesh hard - no panic,
just freezes... downgrading to PRE_SMPNG fixes it.


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