On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Kris Kennaway wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Leif Neland wrote:
> > After trouble making world for some days, I blew the entire /usr/src away
> > (and lost my kernel-config's :-(  )
> > 
> > On a freshly cvsupped current, this has been broken for a few days.
> I think you're not cvsupping all of the source. In particular the crypto
> source.

I changed from the individual parts to src/all, and besides getting
kerberos and secure, I also got these files from crypto, which I should
have gotten already with src/crypto:

 Checkout src/sys/crypto/blowfish/bf_cbc.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/blowfish/bf_cbc_m.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/blowfish/bf_enc.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/blowfish/bf_locl.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/blowfish/bf_pi.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/blowfish/bf_skey.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/blowfish/blowfish.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/cast128/cast128.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/cast128/cast128.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/cast128/cast128_cbc.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/cast128/cast128_subkey.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/des.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/des_3cbc.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/des_cbc.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/des_ecb.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/des_locl.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/des_setkey.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/podd.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/sk.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/des/spr.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/md5.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/md5.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/rc4/rc4.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/rc4/rc4.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/rc5/rc5.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/rc5/rc5.h
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/rc5/rc5_cbc.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/sha1.c
 Checkout src/sys/crypto/sha1.h

I don't know if it is because of the extra crypto-files or the
secure-files, but at least the compile now doesn't stop there, but because
of a missing m4-file for sendmail, which i lost when I got a new /usr/src


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