Call for review, ncv, nsp, and stg SCSI drivers which are ported from
NetBSD/pc98. I would like to merge to current and do MFC.

ncv: NCR 53C500 based SCSI PC-CARDs
nsp: Ninja SCSI-3 based SCSI PC-CARDs
stg: TMC 18C30 based SCSI PC-Cards and ISA cards.

They are tested and working on PAO3 and there are entries (totally 19)
in /etc/pccard.conf, though commented out. 

I would like to have review especially on the changes in
i386/isa/clock.c for counting delay loop numbers, and converts of SCSI
layer from NetBSD one to CAM in cam/scsi/scsi_low.[ch] .

They can be obtained from   (added files)  (diff to current)  (diff to stable)
You will need the tar.gz file and one of diff.gz file.

// Noriaki Mitsunaga

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