> > > Please set debug.aml_debug and debug.acpi_debug to 1 and 
> > > see what will happen.
> > 
> > It wouldn't surprise me if the system wasn't running out of kernel 
> > memory.  Right now we just keep mallocing storage to queue ACPI events 
> > (bad idea).  The entire event/Notify stuff needs to be somewhat rethought 
> > (eg. I think we need an event filter).
> Currently kernel thread seems broken, so mallocing storage in
> acpi_queue_event() never be freed.  I think number of events at a
> point of tme is limited and we can have static storage for the events.
> The implementaion of sys/i386/apm/apm.c:apm_record_event() (it's for apmd)
> would be a good example.

I have a megapatch for acpi.c that I am nearly ready to commit which 
converts it to use bus resources for all I/O allocations.  I'll fix this 
in there, if you like.

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