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> I don't think this has much to to with the current situation: based on
> the evidence we have seen, it seems that Tony has tried to boot a
> release snapshot of -CURRENT.  It failed.  Coincidentally, he has also
> disabled IDE support in the belief that this might buy him something.
> Now he comes and claims that there is a connection between these two
> events, but he doesn't give us any evidence.

        I must say that (at least in my configuration) there IS
the connection between 'trap 12' while booting CURRENT builded
(with build+install-world and build+install-kernel) at 27.09 and
28.09  AND disabled in BIOS IDE controller.

        My system is based on Abit's BP6 motherboard with two
Celerons 366. If I disable in BIOS conf. menu standard IDE controller
and try to boot the system with the (ATA) disks on the HPT366 controller
I receive 'trap 12' after 'atapci0: Busmastering DMA not enabled' message.
After enabling primary IDE controller in BIOS without any disks or
CDROMs on it I successfully boot this -current system and write this
message from it.

        -current builded at 24.09 successfully boots and works
on my system with primary and secondary IDE controllers disabled
in BIOS.

        Unfortunately I have no time to spend on debugging this
situation. If somebody ( sos ?) wants the screen shot of the trap
message I can send it to you (with the results of the 'nm'-ing
the kernel ?).


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