> > > I'd like to move and rename them as I said in my previous mail,
> > > <sys/acpi.h> -> <sys/dev/acpi/acpi.h>
> > >   shared by both kernel and userland programs
> > > <sys/dev/acpi/acpi.h> -> <sys/dev/acpi/acpivar.h>
> > >   shared within kernel code (acpi stuff and related drivers)
> > 
> > IMHO, it's desirable to use the name "acpi.h", because of conflict
> > with the file dumped by /usr/sbin/config.
> > 
> > I love :
> >   fooreg.h : device dependent and implementation independent
> >              structures, macros, and others.
> >   foovar.h : implementation dependent ones.
> Thanks Shiozaki-san, I think `reg' is short for registers of the
> target chip, correct?  In ACPI's case, PM1 register and some such
> and maybe definitions for ACPI tables.
> How about kernel/userland shareable stuff like ioctl?  for example,
> usb(4) has this kind of definitions in dev/usb/usb.h, not in usbreg.h.
> Is this a special case violating the guideline?
> I think we can distinguish them like "usb.h" and <dev/usb/usb.h>,
> also we will stop generating acpi.h in kernel build directory.

Typically you would have:

acpivar.h       Data structures defined by implementation
acpireg.h       Data structures defined by interface
acpiio.h        Interface to userland

Since we're all in agreement, I'll move to these.

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